Our licence partner

The Ivyline and Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew collection is a charming and whimsical edit of sustainable planters and accessories, showcasing contemporary styling and spotlighting quintessential prints from Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew archives.

  • Sustainable

    Made with nature in mind and sourced from India & Europe.

  • Recycled materials

    Made from recycled glass and sustainably sourced stoneware.

  • 10% of sales go to Kew

    Supporting Kew in their work towards a more sustainable future.

  • Archival prints

    Spotlighting the quintessential prints from the Kew archives.

About the partnership

The licensing agreement between Kew and Ivyline is a testament to our commitment to the ethical and sustainable production of goods that carry our brands. We aim to put people and the planet first, and every sourcing decision we make is carefully considered for its impact on our planet, minimising negative environmental impacts, and preserving our natural resources.

These three stunning collections curated by Ivyline, ‘Botanical Retreat’, ‘Eclectic Orangery’, and ‘Temperate House’, incorporate Kew’s world-leading collection of botanical art and illustration, including works by the great masters of the 18th century through to the celebrated artists who collaborate with our scientists today.

Our collections

Discover our three stunning collections with the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, incorporating the world-renowned collection of botanical art and illustrations.

  • Temperate House

    Tap into the splendour of Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew plant world with our sustainable Temperate House collection. With copper tones, umber hues and midnight blues setting the mood, our planters, bowls and watering cans crafted in India and Southern Europe bring you quintessential home styling with a conscience.

  • Botanical Retreat

    Bring the whimsical charm and undeniable beauty of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew home with a sustainable accent from our Botanical Retreat collection. Led by warm and neutral hues, this bespoke edit sees embossed stoneware bowls and hand-cast reactive glaze pots meet hand-finished crackle and frosted glass planters for the perfect decor fusion.

  • Eclectic Orangery

    Set the tone for an atmospheric home with our sustainable Eclectic Orangery collection. Spotlighting charming prints from the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew archives, this carefully curated edit crafted in India and Southern Europe sees a dark and moody colour palette, neatly punched by zesty citrus hues and hand-thrown terracotta.

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  • Temperate House

  • Botanical Retreat

  • Eclectic Orangery

  • Outdoor Collection

Azurite finishes and enchanting archival prints make a note across hand-thrown terracotta pots and bowls and metal planter and saucer sets. Recycled crackle glass accents in romantic blues and crimsons further up the ante, transporting you (and your home)
on a trip into the wild.

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Crafted in India and Southern Europe, patterned pots and saucers and matte brass hanging planters and watering cans add further depth to the collection; complementing palm embossing and tonal meadow scenes for a restorative at-home statement,

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From ebony crackle glass planters and old bronze statement bowls to stoneware meadow planters and hand-finished aged bark bowls, this idiosyncratic selection is a whirlwind blend of gothic charm and moody romance, enveloping your home decor with a warm embrace.

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Hand-finished in India, our outdoor collection sees aged brass and copper-coloured accents neatly make their way across planters and troughs in various sizes for a pleasing patio aesthetic.

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