Ivyline Celine Planters - one of the many sustainable planters in our collection.

Sustainable indoor planters

Here at Ivyline, we aim to put people and the planet first, and every sourcing decision we make is carefully considered for its impact on our planet and reducing our carbon footprint.

Many of our products are eco-friendly, with our design team using sustainable materials such as recycled glassware, bamboo, jute, seagrass and water hyacinth.

We've pulled together a few of our favourite sustainable indoor planters that will look stunning styled around your home, showcasing your favourite houseplant!

Circular economy

A circular economy is part of the solution to our global climate emergency - one in which products, services and systems are designed to maximise their value and minimise waste.

Our Pula and Celine ranges have been created using 100% waste materials, meaning less waste going to landfill.

Utilising 100% recycled natural waste materials to create a stone composite style planter, our Pula planters can withstand the rigours of daily life, including excellent frost resistant properties, presenting a high-end, sustainable planter option. 

Available in three colours inspired by natural pigmentation – think sunsets and blue seas - including a muted orange/coral, teal/petrol blue and dark grey/black.

Made from stone composite, a natural and 100% recycled material, the Celine planter looks stunning inside your home or in your garden with its frost-resistant and UV stable properties. 

Each planter has a unique stone effect finish which looks fabulous next your favourite houseplants' foliage. 

The unique water reservoir in the base allows plants to draw up water in dry conditions and avoid roots sitting in waterlogged soil when wet.


Being a natural plant, seagrass is a green option as it is both sustainable and biodegradable. Our range of seagrass hanging planters and baskets fit effortlessly into any display to showcase trailing plants, or can be used as storage.

Contemporary and adaptable, our Hanging Seagrass Planters (pictured below, left) bring a sought-after je ne sais quoi to interiors. With a natural finish and straps for mounting, these waterproof planters tap into any scheme effortlessly, with their hanging aesthetic making them perfect for putting trailing plants and succulents centre-stage.

It's no surprise that our ethically sourced, Seagrass, Lined Baskets (pictured below, right) are loved by all. Hand-finished with a woven design and two small handles to the side, these waterproof planters display your favourite house plants wonderfully, but also look effective when styled alone or used as storage.

Water hyacinth

Once considered a nuisance, water hyacinth is now celebrated as a natural, durable raw material that is fast-growing, bio-degradable and sustainable. Simplistic yet effective, our water hyacinth lined basket adds a homely feel to interiors.

Simplistic yet effective, our Water Hyacinth Lined Basket adds a homely feel to interiors. Showcasing a contemporary style with tripod-style legs, this waterproof planter is hand finished with a woven design for texture and interest. 

We're styling ours with an  air-purifying foliage houseplant for a trend-led look that stands the test of time.

Accent your home with our Hanging Water Hyacinth Planters.

In a set of two for multiple styling options, these waterproof planters prove a natural addition to any scheme, with their hand finished woven design lending a rustic touch to décor. 

We're styling ours side by side with lush green trailing plants for a modern, Scandi-style statement.


A popular and versatile material, jute is eco-friendly and sustainable as it needs little to in intervention to grow and replenish. Our Geilo Jute Baskets, available in grey and navy, will showcase houseplants beautifully, or can be used as a stylish storage option!

Whether showcasing your favourite Swiss cheese plant or serving as storage for magazines or toys, our coastal-inspired Geilo Jute Baskets are essential for stylish homes. Fully lined and waterproof, they feature two handles for easy carrying and are completely ethically sourced for a guilt-free indulgence.


Bamboo can be a very sustainable crop: a fast-growing grass, it requires no fertiliser and self-regenerates from its own roots, so it doesn’t need to be replanted.

Our stylish Bamboo Planter features a curved shape, two-tone design and smooth finish. 

Tapping into Scandi-style interior trends, this waterproof planter is completely eco-friendly, offering practical and contemporary interior style with a conscience. 

Style a few together for a clustered display or spotlight one alone for a simple, standout statement.

Sustainable indoor planters