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Easy styling ideas for outdoor entertaining

April showers may be continuing into May, but Summer is on its way...

We can’t wait for those warm Summer days and long evenings after work to sit out and enjoy the sunset in your garden, alfresco dining on the patio. Watching the dappled sunlight filter through the lush green trees as bees buzz around the flowers blooming in your outdoor space. The smell of freshly cut grass and BBQs being lit, soundtracked by airplanes flying through the sky taking holidaymakers to tropical destinations.

With the final bank holiday of May coming at the end of the month, create the perfect space for outdoor entertaining by transforming your space with outdoor furniture, lighting, planters and accessories.

"If you're planning your outdoor entertaining gatherings or simply want to create a relaxing space for yourself, now is the perfect time to start thinking about how to style your outdoor area."

Here are our easy styling ideas to refresh your outdoor space and enjoy those alfresco moments.

Add an eye-catching centrepiece

From your morning cuppa to an evening tipple, find a space in the garden or terrace to enjoy the Spring weather with a furniture centrepiece. Alfresco dining is a delightful way to enjoy a meal in the open air, surrounded by nature or a bustling cityscape.

Our Spitalfields Square 5-piece Furniture Set makes for the perfect setting to enjoy your morning coffee, brunch, or dinner in your outdoor space. Tables adorned with colorful tablecloths and vibrant flowers create a lively atmosphere, while the aroma of grilled food wafts through the air, enticing everyone to gather around and enjoy a delicious meal.

For an elegant and sophisticated style, opt for our Borough Furniture Set. A perfect base for a Spring tablescape, this opulent piece will be an eye-catching addition to any outdoor space. What creates a better centerpiece than items you already have in your kitchen? Nothing! The bright yellow and green hues of lemons, pears or apples will contrast beautifully with the organic, wood-tones of the tabletop.

Whether it's a romantic dinner for two or a gathering with friends, alfresco dining is a perfect way to enhance the mood and create lasting memories. The gentle breeze, warm sun, and starry sky all contribute to a unique dining experience that cannot be replicated indoors.

Accessorise with outdoor planters

From classic terracotta to modern metal designs, the versatility of planters allows for endless options when it comes to adding greenery interest to your outdoor space and accessorize for outdoor entertinaing. Whether you're looking to create a container garden full of herbs and vegetables or just add a pop of colour with some vibrant flowers and ferns, outdoor planters offer a practical and stylish solution.

Brighten dull walls by adding a Vertical Wall Planter to walls, fences or the side of a garden shed. 

With six planters to fill with your favourite herbs or trailing plants, you can create a beautiful botanical display to backdrop your outdoor entertaining.

Metal outdoor planters are a durable and stylish option for adding greenery to your outdoor space. 

The smooth, metallic surface of the Hampton planters and urns adds a touch of modern elegance to any garden or patio. 

Whether you're looking to display vibrant flowers or fresh herbs, these outdoor planters provide a sleek and functional solution for your gardening needs.

Set the mood

Outdoor entertaining is a delightful way to bring people together and enjoy the beauty of nature. The scent of burning wood and the crackling sound of the flames create a cozy and inviting atmosphere, perfect for roasting marshmallows, telling stories, or just enjoying the company of friends and family.

Whether you have a small backyard or a large patio, a firepit can add charm and functionality to your outdoor space. Our Cast Iron Firebowl on Stand will extend your garden parties long into the evening with its large fire bowl ensures there’s room for everyone to sit around. It even has room under the bowl to store logs, meaning you don’t need to step away from the party to keep the fire stoked.

Welcome guests into your outdoor space with the Tall Dakota Firebowl. The round tapered legs makes this piece an eye-catching addition to a patio or garden as well as setting the mood for the night, illuminating the warm Summer evenings and creating an inviting ambience.

Create ambience with lanterns and candles

As the sun sets, twinkling lanterns and candles provide a warm and inviting glow, creating a magical ambiance for your garden party.

Tabletop lanterns can be scattered throughout the space to create a cozy atmosphere. Using varying sizes and heights creates visual interest, and why not swap out wax candles for citronella to act as a deterrent to those pesky flies?

The single copper handle of our Hampton Lantern completes an elegant finish while the tall design provides endless possibilities for what you place inside. Sitting beautifully atop a table or placed around your patio, the flickering lights of the candles will add to the warming glow of a firepit to be enjoyed into the night.

Whether you're hosting a dinner party or a casual get-together, outdoor lanterns are a simple yet effective way to elevate your outdoor entertaining game. 

Enhance your garden with our stylish outdoor collection to suit all styles for outdoor entertaining

If you're planning your outdoor entertaining gatherings or simply want to create a relaxing space for yourself, now is the perfect time to start thinking about how to style your outdoor area.