Ivyline Spitalfields Outdoor Furniture Set on a patio, styled with Ivyline Portofino Lanterns

Your outdoor furniture buying guide

As the sun casts its warm and inviting glow, beckoning us to step outside, there's an irresistible allure to the great outdoors. Whether it's the soothing rustle of leaves in the breeze, or the expansive sky that stretches beyond our vision, the outdoors holds a special place in our hearts. And what better way to fully embrace the wonders of nature than by creating a haven of comfort and style in our own outdoor spaces?


In this modern age, our living spaces extend far beyond the confines of our homes. We're increasingly looking to transform our gardens, patios, and balconies into extensions of our living areas, inviting relaxation, connection, and entertainment into every nook and cranny.

"The key to unlocking the true potential of these spaces lies in selecting the perfect outdoor furniture and curating an environment that seamlessly blends indoor comfort with outdoor splendor."

If you’re looking to add a stylish yet functional addition to your outdoor space to entertain guests through the summer nights, we’ve created the ultimate guide to our outdoor furniture sets.


Country Living style encapsulates a charming and heartwarming aesthetic that draws its inspiration from the simplicity and warmth of rural living. Incorporating natural materials and muted tones, this style helps to transform your space into a tranquil, relaxing area to share with friends and family.

Our striking yet rustic Broadway furniture will slot effortlessly into any space. Made from FSC Certified acacia hardwood and oyster white frames bring a touch of sophistication to the garden or home.

With a matching garden bench (pictured above), this collection can be extended to areas around your garden, creating a flow of style to your garden and patio designs.

Style with the Grace Lanterns and our Matlock and Chatsworth outdoor planters to fully embody the ‘Country Living’ aesthetic.


For a modern garden style look for clean lines, minimalism, and a harmonious blend of natural and man-made elements. Characterized by sleek and streamlined design, incorporating innovative materials, geometric shapes, and a focus on functionality will help to create a contemporary appeal to your space.

The Spitalfields collection, made from FSC Certified, durable acacia hardwood and robust frame, is a striking yet unfussy furniture set that is perfect for hosting friends and family for Summer events and gatherings.

The 5-piece Spitalfields Furniture Set, with sizeable table and accompanying benches and stools, make for the perfect social setting for up to eight people. The natural tones and wood patterns in the timber make a beautiful contrast with the modern metal framework they sit in.

Also available in a Tall and Square set, this range has something to suit any space you have. Whether it’s an intimate patio or balcony, or a large decking area, the Spitalfields collections easily fits into any space.


Add our Hudson and Ella Vases for a chic, contemporary look!


The ‘Classic luxury’ outdoor style encompasses a timeless and elegant aesthetic that brings the comfort and opulence of indoor spaces to outdoor environments. 


Drawing inspiration from traditional design elements, whilst incorporating modern amenities and high-quality materials, this is the perfect style for those looking for a little bit of luxury at home!

Revamp your outdoor dining space with our exquisite Borough furniture set for a timeless and charming aesthetic. The unique contemporary design is made with coated FSC Certified acacia hardwood, and its frames are finished with a kiln-baked protective powder to protect against scratching or rusting.

Style next to our Hampton Planters and Lanterns for an aesthetic that exudes elegance and magic for an unforgettable entertaining setting.

Extend your home into the garden with a stylish outdoor furniture set to enjoy long evenings in the garden.

Create a natural extension of your living zones, and express your style in your garden and patio with a comfortable place to entertain guests. Whether it’s an intimate meal for two, a morning coffee or a family BBQ, you’ll find a furniture set to suit you.